The NJ Heritage Development Coalition is a network of organizations involved in real estate, development, construction, preservation, planning, architecture, housing and urban revitalization that is committed to Smart Growth and is advocating for adoption of a New Jersey historic rehabilitation incentive program that will

  • spur redevelopment in older areas
  • create jobs
  • attract new investors to development in New Jersey
  • generate state and local tax revenue
  • promote livable and authentic communities

Visit the Coalition website


One Response to “About”

  1. Gordon Bond Says:

    I was glad to find your site and see folks working towards incorporating the heritage community into the broader economic development of the state in a meaningful way.

    I have a free quarterly online magazine dedicated to NJ history and have recently added a “NJ History Issues” page ( for various issues and advocacy based pieces. I’m looking for more in-depth articles that take the reader beyond the blog and into the deeper details of the issues. I think this complements the work done by groups such as this and want to invite your members to consider sharing their ideas with GSL as well.

    Working together like this is the best way to show that the NJ history community is an important voice for our elected officials to take into consideration!

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